More Than You Expect

More Than You Expect

A discount without requesting it. Your online shopping order being delivered two days early. Parking right in front of the shops. An upgrade to business class.

What do these things have in common? They are all more than you expected.

With the introduction of the Maximus boot and the Spartacus shoe, Lemaitre sets a new standard in general purpose safety footwear by bringing customers more of the things that matter to them. More comfort. More innovation. More durability. More quality.


Maxeco – and more

With product design guided and inspired by Lemaitre’s top-selling Maxeco safety boot and Robust shoe, Maximus and Spartacus sport the features that made Maxeco a household name in general purpose safety footwear – as well as various product enhancements and innovations.

Lemaitre has taken the best of Maxeco, a product that has sold over 8.7 million pairs since its inception in 1991, and added more of the features that address the needs of today’s customers. These include updated stylings, an added leather collar, reflective strips, a wider sole unit and a host of other enhancements for improved wearer comfort and safety.


More Comfort. More Durability. More Quality. More Safety

The Maximus safety boot and Spartacus safety shoe provide an ideal solution for clients who require protection for an array of environments and applications. Key features of the newly launched products include:

  • Comfort: Maximus and Spartacus feature several enhanced wearer comfort features. These include a lighter sole unit, a padded leather collar that provides ankle support and a heel grip counter lining to prevent the shoe slipping off.
  • Durability: Full leather uppers allow the wearer’s feet to breathe and increases the durability and longevity of the product. This enables the employer to extract maximum value from his workplace safety footwear investment.
  • Quality: Maximus and Spartacus are locally manufactured in an ISO 9001 factory and bear the SANS 20345 quality mark.
  • Safety: A 3mm wider sole design not only provides increased wearer comfort, but provides improved slip resistance, better stability and reduced shock impact. In addition, a bellows tongue prevents dirt, liquid and foreign objects from entering the shoe and D-rings allow for quick and easy lacing and unlacing. The inclusion of a reflective insert further enhances the wearers visibility evening conditions.

If you expect more from your general purpose safety footwear, choose Maximus and Spartacus from Lemaitre.

Maximus and Spartacus are available in sizes 3 – 13 and can be purchased from authorised BBF Safety Group distributors nationwide. For more information, visit or contact us on 0800 204 864.