BOVA cemented their reputation in Africa by delivering high quality engineering through their range of safety footwear. 21 years after producing their first safety boot, BOVA extended their portfolio to include safety wear. When designing new products, Bova explores the varied dangers inherent in an industry and then engineers the product purposed with protecting employees within those environments. For procurement and those they protect, this means utilising their category ranges to ensure that the required safety needs are met. Different employees within the same industry often require very different levels of protection. Through an understanding of the varied dangers faced by an employee in their work environment and applying the correct product, clients can ensure that they do not under-spec for some employees, thereby compromising on safety or over-spec for others – and compromise on cost-effectiveness.

All products offered under the BOVA umbrella are manufactured in ISO 9001 accredited facilities, utilising cutting-edge technology and innovations. In this way, Bova ensures that the products they release into the market perform with the purpose for which they was engineered.