Commitment to SA


We are a business driven not only by profits, but by bringing about positive change in the communities in which we operate, the people we employ and the network of suppliers and clients with whom we trade. We are proudly committed to South Africa and fiercely focused on delivering on transformation, industrialisation and development.

Committed to Development:

We have a strong belief that it is our corporate responsibility to play a role in improving the skill set in our country.

With the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) help, we set up a skills training programme in 2016, through which we strive to prepare graduates with the skills required to gain experience and succeed in the working world. We are proud to have appointed a number of these interns as permanent staff members and successfully released others into the working world where they have landed permanent positions within their fields of choice.

Internal courses and training are provided to our valued employees as an opportunity to develop and grow, both professionally and personally and financial assistance is offered to staff members’ children, who fulfil the relevant criteria, to further their education at tertiary level.

Committed to Industrialisation:

As an advocate for the sustainable growth of the South African manufacturing sector, we constantly strive to procure and produce as much locally as is commercially feasible. Supporting local is crucial in protecting and creating South African jobs, assisting the growth of local businesses and empowering them to succeed on both a local and international scale.

Committed to Transformation:

Transformation is embedded in our organisational DNA. Through our enterprise development programme, we work with black-owned SMMEs with the aim of incorporating them in our value chain thereby enabling them to grow sustainably by providing access to commercial and managerial expertise and best practice. In doing so, we help to enable corporate South Africa to drive meaningful transformation by procuring goods from empowered entities.

Committed to Corporate Social Investment:

Our strong belief in investing and giving back to the communities in which we operate is what drives our multi-disciplined social responsibility programmes. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Supplying bursaries and financial support to disadvantaged students who show great potential but lack the necessary financial support to fund their tuition.
  • Supporting a chess programme within an underprivileged area to teach children the many valuable disciplines of the sport, with multiple students of the programme reaching provincial level and competing at SA schools.
  • Providing financial assistance to implement and manage maths programmes at high school level in an underprivileged area that has yielded exceptional improvements in overall math results amongst learners.
  • Working with NGOs who provide skills training, support and guidance to disadvantaged children and adults to improve their opportunities of employment and better their current conditions.

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