Bova launches ARC Flash Protection

As a leading safety wear brand, Bova’s guiding principle of ENGINEERED WITH PURPOSE has been brought to the fore in this highly technical category. Through the utilisation of innovative materials and a commitment to not only protecting wearers, but also providing them with a solution that delivers on comfort and durability. BOVA ARC is bringing a unique range of arc flash PPE to the market.


The BOVA ARC range incorporates Beier’s I-ARC thermal protection fabric, an innovative solution developed by The Beier Group as a local technical textile specialist in association with LENZING™, a global leader in inherently Flame Resistant (FR) fibres. Lightweight and breathable, the I-ARC fabric provides the Bova Arc range with a significant advantage in comfort and durability, along with the inherent FR protection that sets it apart from competitors.


Unlike chemically treated FR fabrics, the FR protection in I-ARC is incorporated into the structure of the fabric during manufacture, as if it is part of its DNA. This allows the Bova Arc range to maintain its arc rated FR protection throughout the product lifespan, even with repeated washing and accidental exposure to household detergents and bleach. The fabric also offers strong abrasion resistance and low shrinkage, along with advanced moisture management and breathability that creates a unique evaporative cooling effect ideal for usage across the African continent.

Key Benefits of the Bova ARC range:

  • Constructed from inherent FR materials that maintain their in-built qualities and cannot wash or wear away.
  • Low shrinkage - even over time and when subjected to severe heat.
  • Superior comfort - the I-ARC material is lighter and more breathable to provide an improved tactile experience.
  • Performance vs weight advantage - the same and often better thermal protection at a lighter weight fabric (CAT 2 garments on 215 gsm fabric vs competitors up to 100 gsm heavier).
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Locally manufactured for local conditions.
  • Environmentally-friendly - Fibres constructed from botanical materials sourced from sustainably managed forestry.

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