Working At Heights is a high-risk practice where the incorrect use of a product or the use of an incorrect product could be dire. BBF Safety Group offers an extensive range of Working at Heights equipment under their popular BOVA and SiSi ranges that are all stringently tested to perform at the highest international standards. The products offered in these ranges are the result of our in-depth understanding of the category as well as real-time industry insights and best practice knowledge gained through our position on the SABS Working from Heights Technical Committee and our membership with the country’s leading industry body, the Institute for Work at Heights.

Our working at heights range of equipment is bolstered by our Fall Arrest Training courses that ensure our users are able to understand, explain and perform all fall arrest techniques when working at heights or in elevated positions. We further offer a basic rescue course that enables attendees to install, use and perform basic rescues as well as implement a fall protection plan.

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