BBF safety group offers Workwear from two of its market-leading brands, Bova and Sisi, catering to a variety of specifications, applications, budgets and genders.

The range includes, but is not limited to:

  • Garments suitable for contract workers and light industrial applications
  • Heavy-duty garments featuring acid resistance and flame retardant material for more demanding environments
  • Specialised thermal protection ranges for extreme environments, such as high voltage maintenance

As a result of our understanding of the impact that the fit and comfort of Workwear garments have on the productivity of the wearer, BBF Safety Group offers two distinct cuts:

  • The Bova brand has been designed to comfortably fit the male anatomy.
  • The Sisi brand is designed to cater to the specific needs of the female anatomy.

Our wide variety of garments are available in the following fabrics and treatments:

  • 65/35 Poly Cotton
  • Poly Viscose Acid Resistant
  • J54, 100% Cotton
  • D59, 100% Cotton, Flame Retardant
  • D59, 100% Cotton, Flame Retardant and Acid Resistant
  • High Visibility Garments
  • Cat 2 Arc Flash Protection
  • Cat 4 Arc Flash Protection

We are also able to work closely with clients to create customised garments to meet their specific needs.

All products are manufactured in South Africa within ISO: 9001 accredited facilities and our 100% cotton garments are sourced locally in support of our greater commitment to the sustainable growth of the local manufacturing sector.

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